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We proudly work 100% Mexican equipment and export the best technology in the world.


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We are developers of
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We are a proudly Mexican company that has a presence in the international market. With more than 20 years of experience in the induction heating industry, we highlight by developing and manufacturing our own technology

Latest generation components to provide better quality in our equipment

World-class Mexican induction heating technology

Luzars induction equipment


Robust and easy to handle

Constructed with high power IGBT transistor modules for heating of large parts, in applications such as quenching, bar forging and casting.

Voltage 440V. Frequency of 1kHz - 4kHz, 5KHz - 10KHz and 5kHz - 10KHz


Power and Control

Designed to work continuously at 100% of its capacity to applications such as quenching, forging, welding and casting in 10kg to 20kg crucibles.

Plastic injection
Voltage 440V, Frequency 10kHz - 20 kHz and 5KHz - 10KHz. 50kw power, 100kw, 200kw and 400kw


Versatile and efficient

CX equipment uses high frequency IGBT modules to achieve a balance between cost and performance, designed for heating medium-sized parts in applications such as forging, casting and tempering in layers of 1 to 3mm.

440V voltage. 20 kHz-80jHz frequency. Power of 5kW, 10kw, 15kw, 25kw, 50kw and 100kw.


Adaptable and enduring

Our DX equipment uses Mosfet transistors to generate high frequencies efficiently generating more punctual heating in applications with low power such as welding, selective tempering, among others.

Voltage of 220v, 440v (5,10,15) and 440v (20 and 50). Frequency of 100kHz-400kHz. Power of 5Kw, 10kw, 15kw, 25kw and 50 kW

Quality politics

With a high commitment of our staff we manufacture Heating Equipment for induction, high technical performance and high-quality standards that provide satisfaction to the requirements and needs of our customers

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